Unified platform & unique portal of Education Informationization

Provide an all-around educational informational solution for countries and regions in global market;
Build an international top-level education resource and application distribution platform, and constructing a life-long learning ecosystem of Mobile Internet

More than


schools having been integrated in

The platform has more than


million users

Services covering every user in education domain

No matter who you are...

  • Education administrator

    Improve the management efficiency by unified portal and management platform

    Comprehensive teaching and learning report facilitate the control of teaching achievements

    Integrate the core data to assist decision making

  • President

    Create scenario-based learning environment

    Facilitates the school teaching affairs management by perfect statistics system

    Create an exclusive school News portal to improve information distribution.

  • Teachers

    Authorized education resources guarantee teaching quality

    Diversified subject tools satisfied the teaching demand of different subjects

    Online assignment and correction of homework help the teachers to learn about learning situation of students after-class

  • Students

    Massive learning resource comprehensively counsel the knowledge learning of courses

    Personalized learning solution intelligently matches students' weak points

    Campus microblog enable students to share life anytime or anywhere

  • Parents

    Auto-generated learning report helps parents to master their children' learning situation

    Receive important real-time information

Assisting Fujian Provincial Department of Education

Building the provincial unified platform of educational information

Thoroughly implementing the 13th Five-year Plan of Educational Information, Fujian Provincial Department of Education launched smart education open platform which integrated education information resources and met the needs of teachers, students, parents, and all-levels of educational administrator in school affairs, teaching affairs, and study affairs.

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