About Elernity

Elernity is an education brand under NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Code: 777). We endeavour to build an open educational ecosystem by integrating global resources and by leverage of our advanced technologies including VR/AR, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. Our vision is to create the world's largest lifelong learning community to meet the learning requirements at different stages of life with higher efficiency.

Up to now, Elernity's products, services and solutions have covered more than 190 countries worldwide. We've been collaborating with outstanding educational and academic institutions as well as enterprises on technological innovations to explore the origins and future trends of education. Elernity strives to make lifelong learning an integral part and way of life of every one of us.

Escorted by advanced technology

  • NetDragon Shanying Community

    As the parent company of Elernity, NetDragon Websoft inc. has created gaming community of "17173.com" and mobile community of "91 Mobile Assistant", therefore has rich and skilled experience in building community.

  • Accurate insight into user behavior

    Based on the development and operation of previous game products, NetDragon has the ability of collecting, collating and analyzing the big data.

  • "Internet plus" thinking and "VR+" strategy

    As a large internet company, it is a very first enterprise that introduced VR/AR into education. NetDragon combines the traditional education industry with the internet and VR/AR technology, and promotes the upgrading and revolution of the education industry.

Products honor

  • "101 Smart Classroom" public class—The first prize of demonstration course of national primary school (people's education press)
  • "101 VR immersive classroom" public class—The first prize of the national new media technology teaching and application competition
  • The title of "Excellent Education Informationization Products and Solutions" on Chinese educational innovation "20+" forum
  • American Academics' Choice Award-- Smart Media Award
  • "Excellent prize for Resource and Application Group" of good scheme of digital campus in 2017
  • The "Top-ten" educational informationization products on the 14th Shanghai Education Exhibition

Industry achievement

  • Committee member on Educational Technology Subcommittee of National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee
  • Undertake the National 863 Project: Research on Key Technologies of Massive Knowledge Base for Basic Education
  • Member in the National Standard Group of E-schoolbag. Participation in the Establishment of the Standard of "Network Learning Space for Everyone" by the Ministry of Education
  • Participate in a project supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, "Research on key technologies and application demonstration of digital publishing of learning resources"
  • Establish "Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University" with Beijing Normal University jointly
  • Publish White Paper: Smart Learning Environment in China 2015 (Executive Summary) all over the World
  • Hold the Summit Forum on the Intelligent Education on both sides of the Taiwan Straits successfully within the scope of global Chinese
  • Cooperate with the famous normal universities in China: East China Normal University, Central China Normal University, and Fujian Normal University
  • Hold a "National Education Director Summit" by Elernity, with the invitation of nearly 500 well-known education experts from home and abroad and ministry of education in various provinces and cities to discuss the prospects of online education
  • Hold an "Internet + reading" principals seminar from hundred schools by Elernity
  • Release an information-based learning habits program that uses reading as a breakthrough point on the basis of cooperation with National Central University of Taiwan and School of Tomorrow
  • The vice chairman company of Fujian Educational Equipment Industry Association
  • Products became candidates in the catalogues for local government procurement in Beijing, Fujian and other places
  • Acquisition of a leading global provider of educational solutions – Promethean
  • Signing strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan United Daily News to hold the tenth "United cup's composition contest" on both sides of the Taiwan Straits
  • Best Education, the subsidiary of NetDragon online education obtained A-round equity finance of 52 million 500 thousand dollars
  • Reach a strategic cooperative partnership with the National Central Electronic Education Center
  • Collaborate with the Fuzhou municipal government to set up the China (Fujian) VR industrial base, release the world's first VR open platform and build the VR ecosystem

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