Building a diversified, open and sustainable smart education ecosystem

Persisting the principle of openness, compatibility, co-construction, and share, One Stop Learning integrated with more excellent education resources and applications to build an ecosystem covering all roles, all resources, and all tools in education industry by making standardized interface specification to meet other business alignment in the future. In the closed-loop ecosystem, One Stop Learning realized self-adjustment, co-construction and sharing, and sustainable development, so as to provide integral "Teaching and learning" and management services for teachers, student, parents, schools and education administrators.

Regional education solution

Assist education authorities to solve educational problems

  • Education data statistics: provide refined data statistics and analysis on the using activation of users in various cities, teaching and preparing, information interaction and online use.

  • Big data screen: provide big data screen visualization effect of education informatization for all levels of provinces, cities and schools , which can quickly understand important data such as teaching activities, users and resource usage in various regions.

  • Comprehensive quality evaluation: local education departments can create comprehensive quality evaluation programs, which can be directly distributed to schools at all levels for using, and establish evaluation standards and index database of students' comprehensive quality.

K12 Schools' solutions

Cooperate with schools to set up model benchmark

  • School-based library: it provides a sound mechanism for the co-creation and sharing of teaching resources, encourages teachers to share high-quality courseware, teaching plans and other resources, and improves the quality and utilization rate of the overall teaching resources of the school.

  • Notice:notice and announcement can be pushed to teachers, students or parents by one button mass, teachers can get the receipt statistics real-time, and message read or unread at a glance.

  • Learning report: it provides detailed analysis report of learning situation and teaching situation, fully support education fine management, differentiated teaching of teachers and personalized learning of students.

Teachers' solution

Assist teachers to improve teaching and research level

  • Home-school communication: it can help teachers and students to realize efficient online communication and teachers and parents are the same too; notice and announcement can be pushed by one button mass; timely pushes information such as students' learning status and behavior performance to parents.

  • Homework system: it provides homework content and answer tools before and after class to help teachers assign and correct homework more quickly and conveniently; provides homework statistical report, convenient for teachers to guide students.

  • Class management:it helps teachers to effectively manage class affairs and student information; provides teachers with comprehensive information services such as the teaching affairs and teaching situation of the class, so as to help teachers fully grasp the class situation.

  • Teaching resources:rich and high-quality education resources and applications, to meet the diverse teaching needs of teachers; 3D/VR resources help teachers easily explain knowledge; resource paid service encourages more teachers to produce quality resources.

  • Campus activities:campus mobile news portal helps teachers better understand campus news; shares status and opinions on weibo, and actively interacts with students and parents; launches online selections fairly just and save trouble.

Students' solution

Cultivate students' interest in learning and improve their learning ability

  • Homework system: students can complete the homework fast and conveniently, and the homework system has automatic correction, it can leak filling through intelligent analysis; students obtain personalized learning guidance, and keep practicing until reaching the standard according to the projects that need to meet the standard.

  • Quality courses: rich and high-quality course resources are provided to help students learn independently; contextualized and cool 3D/VR resources create a learning environment that is close to the real world, and the knowledge points are more easily understood by students.

  • Learning situation report: it provides students with self-learning situation report, helps students understand their learning situation and characteristics through visual data, so as to timely adjust the learning plan and improve learning efficiency.

  • Campus community: campus news portal brings unique campus dynamics to students; on the campus micro blog, students and teachers can share their own dynamics; abundant online activities make extracurricular life more interesting.

Parents' solution

Realize home-school interaction to jointly promote the growth of children

  • Home-school communication: it provides real-time communication, community social contact, questions and answers and other functions and services for parents, and helps parents, teachers and school administrators to realize efficient and convenient online communication and interaction.

  • Children homework: help parents to timely understand the content of homework, and push the data of children's exercises, tests, homework, test results and other data to parents, and help parents to guide their children in learning.

  • Notice: parents can timely and conveniently get the notice from teachers and schools, and all the notice contents are stored in the cloud, parents can easily query the information they need.

  • Evaluation: teachers' evaluation of students' performance in school (praise, criticism, etc.) is timely pushed to parents, so as to form a home-school synergy effect and jointly promote the cultivation of students.

Results case

We have provided customized education information platform solutions for the following cities.

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