Design Ideas

Realize the interconnection and intercommunication of data in the field of education to solve the problem of information island

  • Easy to teach

    Simplify the work of teachers and improve the efficiency of teachers' work.

    Attract students in different learning types.

    Use formative assessment to ensure effective course delivery.

    Improve the students' grades and teachers' qualifications with data and communication tools.

  • Easy to learn

    Explore students' potential and improve students' grades.

    Apply cooperative learning to encourage students to make efforts towards common learning goals.

    Make individualized teaching plan according to the situation of students.

  • Efficient management

    Big data and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive information for managers constantly.

    Digital educational management tools to help managers make decisions and act quickly.

  • The future education

    Achieve the improvement of the productivity and efficiency of teaching.

    Benefit all the roles of the educational ecosystem.

    Integrate the most advanced learning and evaluation tools.

Products Features

Standardization system information platform and standardized interface specification, which meets the various types of business system docking and let more high-quality educational resources to be applied into teaching, therefore to achieve a win-win situation

  • Open

    One Stop Learning is open to all educational firms, and we welcome the manufacturers that meet the requirements to participate in our business of educational informationization.

  • Compatible

    One Stop Learning is compatible with all the resources, applications, services and devices provided by all manufacturers. It is also compatible with various types of education systems and platforms.

  • Co-construction

    Under the standards, the access mechanism and the management standards set up by the education department, all the participating manufacturers and One Stop Learning provide educational resources, educational applications, educational services and educational equipment together.

  • Sharing

    All users, including students, parents, teachers, educational administrators at all levels, etc., can use the platform and get value from it easily.

All-round Function One stop Acquisition

Give you what you want, and what you never thought of

  • Basic Functional Support

    Data Management
    Unified User Center
    Configuration Management
    Data Security
    User Interface Integration
    Open Platform
    Operation Management
    Customer Service Management

  • Portal Space

    Manager Space
    Teacher Space
    Student Space
    Home School Space

  • Home-School Communication

    Instant Messaging
    Subscription Account
    File Transfer
    Information Vote
    Shopping Mall
    Send Flowers
    Cloud Album

  • Integrating VR technology into education

    Educational Resources
    Educational Applications
    Educational Services
    User Functions
    Resource Management
    Application Management
    Service Management
    Transaction Management

  • Education Management

    Class Management
    Activity Management
    Lesson preparation management

  • Self-learning Platform

    Learning Task
    Online Learning
    Simulation Test
    Test Platform
    Study Aids
    Interactive Tools of Learning

  • New college entrance examination

    Career planning
    Division of disciplines
    Class arrangement
    Electronic class card
    Comprehensive quality evaluation

  • Test System

    Marking/Paper Management
    Test Management
    Performance Management
    Registration Management
    Online Answer
    Offline Test Management

  • Big Data Analysis Platform

    Data Cloud Graph
    Learning Big Data
    Report Center
    Analysis Report

  • Platform Analysis System

    Docking of Administrative Office System
    Docking of Education Management System
    Interface Integration
    Users Integration
    Services Integration
    Data Integration

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